Universal Council

One Planet, One Nation, One Race 




On April 21st and 22nd 2016, during "One Planet, One Nation, One Race" conference in Dubai, with the gathering of representatives and ambassadors of different nations, a seed for World Peace has been sown for the beginning of a new era for humanity.



Keshe foundation through its educational network and teachings of plasma science with it's vast applications in energy,health,agriculture,transportation and space exploration will change the course of humanity for the better.



The socio-economic impact of this science is so great that it requires all nations to set aside their differences and come together in spirit  of collaboration and unity so that the benefits can be equally shared and to ensure that this science is only used for peaceful  purposes.  


For this reason all members of Universal Council have signed the World Peace Treaty that emphasizes the peaceful applications and use of this technology. On April 22nd 2016, members that have signed the World Peace Treaty and felt the inner calling to serve humanity selected themselves to represent a spoken language and the nations that speak that language.



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